Public Works Department

The public works department includes garbage collection and limb pick up inside the town of Pacolet.

Common Reasons for Missed CollectionSolutions
The cart was placed at the curb after the designated collection time. On collection day, place your cart at the roadside by 6:00 AM. Click here to see the trash pickup schedule according to your street.
The cart was overfilled.Please make sure the lid of your cart remains closed. For the safety of the sanitation department, they follow a no-touch policy. This means they now use the truck’s mechanical lift to empty cans, which can damage the lid if partially opened. An open lid can also allow rain or animals inside the cart. You may purchase a secondary roll cart from the town for $70. Click here to view the location of the closest trash drop-off and recycling center.
The cart was placed too far from the roadside or inside a garbage corral.Place your cart 2-3 feet from the roadside and outside the corral. You may apply for Sanitation Exception Service if you cannot place your cart at the roadside due to physical limitations.
Trash or other items were placed on top or beside the cart. For the safety of the sanitation department, they follow a no-touch policy, which means they no longer pick up trash bags by hand. This prevents injury from sharp objects or exposure to dangerous substances. You may purchase a secondary roll cart from the town for $70. Click here to view the location of the closest trash drop-off and recycling center.
Trash collection did not run on a holiday or due to weather conditions. You can be notified by text when trash service is delayed. Opt-in by texting “PACOLET” to 91896. Notifications are also shared on The Town of Pacolet’s Facebook page.
The cart contains unacceptable materials (yard waste, construction materials, etc.)Please refer to the guidelines below for a list of unacceptable materials.


  • Any trash that is not inside Town-issued roll carts will not be picked up.
  • All garbage and refuse MUST be in plastic bags before being placed inside the roll cart.
  • Do not overfill your roll cart. The lid must be closed for collection.
  • On your collection day, place your cart 2-3 feet away from the streetside by 6:00 AM. DO NOT PLACE IT ON THE STREET OR LEAVE IT IN A GARBAGE CORRAL. Remove the cart from the streetside by sunset.
  • During the week, between collections, store your roll cart away from the street side.
  • Keep the lid closed to keep rain and neighborhood pets out.
  • The Town owns the Cart, but the user’s responsibility is cleaning, routine upkeep, and protecting it from being stolen. Take care of it, don’t abuse it, and it will last a long time.
  • Stolen, damaged, or abused carts are replaced at the property owner’s or the responsible agent’s expense.
  • Do NOT place items such as Poisons, Acids, Caustics, Explosives, Construction Materials (i.e. concrete, wood, bricks,etc.), Furniture, Oils, Gasoline, Paint, Paint Thinner, Kerosene, Toxic Substances, etc., in the roll cart.
  • The cart must not be used for anything other than storing and collecting garbage.
  • Do mark, write, paint, cut, or alter the cart in any way.
  • Each cart has a serial number which is recorded by the residence, so do not trade carts with your neighbors.
  • There will be no collection on Town holidays (unless notified).
  • During bad weather in the winter months, especially in snowy and icy conditions, the Sanitation Department will attempt to operate normally, and each resident may choose whether to roll out their cart. If collection is postponed entirely, detailed announcements will be made via the Town of Pacolet’s official Facebook page. You can opt-in for text notifications by texting “PACOLET” to 91896.
  • Do not leave any bulky items, such as furniture, appliances, construction materials, etc. at the roadside. This violates the municipal code and may result in a fine. Click here to learn more about the disposal of bulky items.
  • Additional roll carts will be available upon request for a fee of $70.00 if one roll cart is inadequate. If you have questions, please call Town Hall between 9 AM and 5 PM (Monday-Thursday) and 9 AM-4 PM (Friday.)

Sanitation Exception Service

Exception service is available for elderly and disabled residents (if no one else in the household can bring carts to the curb) with verification from a physician.  Please complete the Sanitation Department Exception Service Request Form to sign up for this service. Once your physician completes the form, you may bring it to Pacolet Town Hall or mail it to The Town of Pacolet, P.O. Box 700 Pacolet, SC 29372. You can also sign up for this service online by clicking this link or scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Trash Pickup Schedule

The Sanitation Department works hard each day to ensure that all the residents’ garbage is collected in a professional and timely manner. Garbage collection is generally Monday through Wednesday from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM. You can be notified by text when trash service is delayed. Opt-in by texting “PACOLET” to 91896. Notifications are also shared on The Town of Pacolet’s Facebook page.


  • Sunset Dr.
  • Westmoreland Dr.
  • Hill Dr.
  • Keith Dr.
  • Noble Dr.
  • Cedar Lanes Rd.
  • Briarwood Dr.
  • Fernbrook Cir.
  • Deerwood Dr.
  • Church St.
  • Broadview St
  • Spencer St.
  • Kailin Shea Ave.
  • Hart St.
  • Cleveland St.
  • Houston St.
  • Harvey St.
  • Thao Dr.
  • We Care Rd.
  • Whit Cir.
  • Glenn Springs Rd.
  • Hillbrook Cir.
  • Dogwood Dr.
  • Coleman Cir.
  • Homestead Dr.
  • Carroll Cir.
  • Pine Dr.
  • Hillandale Ln.
  • Crescent St.
  • S. Pine St.
  • Ligon St.
  • Spring St.
  • Elizabeth St.


  • Limestone St.(150)
  • Green St.
  • Cleveland St.
  • Granite St.
  • Moore St.
  • Chapel Dr.


  • Beech St.
  • Poplar St.
  • Melodie Ln.
  • Chestnut St.
  • Spruce St.
  • E. Main St.
  • Dogwood Cir.
  • Hardy St.
  • Pinto Ct.
  • Cart Ct.
  • Woodland Ct.
  • Wild Peach Ct.
  • Woodland Cir.
  • Oak Rd.
  • Bryant St.
  • Littlejohn Ct.
  • Jerusalem Rd.
  • HWY. 150
  • Turner St.
  • Memorial Dr.
  • Royal Oak Dr.
  • Gaston St.
  • W. Main St.
  • Granite St.
  • Sunny Acres Rd. (to the ballfield)
  • Limestone St.
  • Stoneybrook Rd.
  • Highland St.
  • Norwood St.


  • Knuckles St.
  • Sunny Acres Rd. (Ballfield to Circle)
  • Brown Mill Rd
  • Brown St.
  • Holliday Ct.
  • R.S. Burns Dr.
  • McDowell St.
  • Anderson Ave.
  • Fuller St.
  • Brewster St.
  • Quarry Ln.
  • Stone St.
  • Milliken St.
  • Cameron St.
  • Goodlett St.
  • Montgomery Ave.
  • Sutton Rd.
  • Graceland Dr.
  • Fleming Ave.
  • Walker St.
  • Zion Church Rd.

Limb Pickup & Removal

Limb Pickup Request Form

The collection of limbs occurs on Fridays as time permits.  Crews work on a rotation, so not every household will be picked up every Friday.  Council has approved the following regulations to help reduce the time between rotations, allowing more homes to be visited on Fridays.

Limb Collection Regulations

The service of limb collection is designed for residents that trim bushes and trees in their yards and is not a service to assist in land clearing and/or tree removal.  Limbs should be small and not require significant work to collect and dispose of.  We are spending as much as 45 minutes at some residences, which cuts down on the number of homes our crew can visit each week.  Therefore, we’re updating our limb collection regulations to reduce that time to 15 minutes of limb removal at each location.  These updated regulations will help us to be able to simplify our process and clear more debris, so your debris doesn’t stay on the side of the road for more than a month.

If you have any questions regarding these new regulations, please contact the Town Administrator at 864-474-9504.

  • Limbs must be at the side of the road. Limbs are not to be placed on or blocking public street surfaces, public sidewalk surfaces, gutters, public drainage facilities, or on property belonging to someone else without that owner’s permission.
  • All limbs must face the same direction, parallel with the street.
  • Limbs must be cut up in manageable pieces not more than 6 feet in length, with piles no more than 4 feet high.
  • Larger limbs must be cut smaller, and nothing over 6 inches in diameter will be accepted.
  • Limbs must not contain trash, construction materials, pet waste, or anything other than limb debris.
  • If you hire a private contractor, they must haul away the debris they cut.
  • Collection workers are not to spend more than 15 minutes at one residence.
  • Violations of these regulations will result in limbs not being picked up.

Additional Information:
Bamboo will not be picked up by our Limb Crews as this material jams up the wood chipper and creates a safety hazard.