May through August

Every Saturday

3:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M

Pacolet Flats (1560 Sunny Acres Road)

Market Contact: Kayla Haulbrooks


Phone: 864-474-9504

General Market Rules and Regulations

•Abusive, profane, threatening, or harassing language or actions toward Town staff, other participants, or market customers is prohibited.

•Individuals knowledgeable of the items for sale must be working at each Participant’s display.

•Children under the age of 14 will not be permitted to sell unless an adult who is knowledgeable about the item(s) for sale is present.

•Participants will dress appropriately for working with the public.

•Fraudulent, dishonest, or deceptive merchandising is prohibited.

•False packs and incorporating the exposure of the best products at the top of a package with inferior products packed below is prohibited.

•Solicitations for products, services or charitable contributions are NOT permitted.

•Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

•Participants are responsible for their own actions and those of their employees and/or agents.

•Firearms, weapons (knives, sprays, batons, bats), fireworks, gambling, disorderly conduct, or the use of illegal drugs by participants, their employees/agents, or market customers is strictly prohibited.

•The selling of live animals (e.g., livestock, domesticated animals) is prohibited.

•Selling and distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Becoming a Vendor

All Vendors are responsible for adhering to all Federal, State and Local laws.

The following items are approved for sale:

Vendor grown fresh fruits and vegetables

Vendor grown herbs and spices

Vendor grown bedding plants, hanging and potted plants, perennials, and cut flowers

Vendors selling items including, but not limited to: coffee, tea, pickled foods, baked foods, sauces, cheeses, pet products, lotions and soaps, spices, beverages, etc. (The Pacolet Farmers Market does recognize South Carolina Home Based Food Protection Law)

Vendors selling items including, but not limited to: jewelry, pottery, decorations, pet accessories, etc.

Insurance and Liability

Items bought on site are done so at the sole risk of the vendor. The Town of Pacolet is not responsible for any loss, damage, or destruction of personal property, equipment, and/or valuables.  Vendors are responsible for their own personal and property liability insurance.

Any vendors selling prepared food or drinks (Food Trucks) must adhere to all Town of Pacolet Food Truck regulations. This includes supplying the Town of Pacolet with certificate of general liability insurance (no less than $1,000,000) with the Town of Pacolet listed as Co-Insured.

Click here for full Food Truck Regulations and Application

Market Vendor Fees

  • Weekly fee – $5
  • Monthly fee – $15
  • Yearly fee- $50
  • Food Trucks – $15 weekly

Checks may be made to the Town of Pacolet.

Pacolet Farmers Market 2021 Application

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