Limb Removal

Collection of limbs occurs on Fridays as time permits.  Crews work on a rotation so not every household will be picked up every Friday.  To reduce the time between rotations so more homes are visited each Friday, Council has approved the following regulations.

Limb Collection Regulations

The service of limb collection is designed for residents that trim bushes and trees in their yard and is not a service to assist in land clearing and/or tree removal.  Limbs should be small and not require major work to collect and dispose of.  Currently, we are spending as much as 45 minutes at some residences which cuts down on the number of homes that our crew can visit each week.  In order to cut that time down to 15 minutes of limb removal at each location, we are updating our limb collection regulations.  Theses updated regulations will help us to be able to simplify our process and clear more debris, so your debris doesn’t stay on the side of the road for more than a month.

If you have any questions regarding these new regulations, please contact the Town Administrator at 864-474-9504.

  • Limbs must be at the side of the road. Limbs are no to be placed on or blocking public street surfaces, public sidewalks surfaces, gutters, public drainage facilities, or on property belonging to someone else without that owner’s permission.
  • All limbs must face the same direction, parallel with the street.
  • Limbs must be cut up in manageable pieces not more than 6 foot in length; with piles no more than 4 feet high.
  • Larger limbs must be cut smaller and nothing over 6 inches in diameter will be accepted.
  • Limbs must not contain trash, construction materials, pet waste or anything other than limb debris.
  • If you hire a private contractor, they must haul away debris that they cut.
  • Collection workers are not to spend more than 15 minutes at one residence.
  • Violations of these regulations will result in limbs not picked up.