Enjoy the beauty of the Pacolet River

Spend the day exploring nature and historic mill sites by kayak. You can find suggested trips and locations of portages by clicking the button below.


Explore the local parks

Pacolet is in the perfect location to explore many different outdoor parks. Pacolet has two parks within the town’s limits. Click below to view all of the parks in southeast Spartanburg county and the activities they offer.


Relax with a day of fishing at our docks

The docks are easily accessible and located off Sunny Acres Road just east of Victor Parkway, along the river, and adjacent to the dam.


Hike the local nature trails

Pacolet is full of beautiful plants, animals, and historical features. Hike the Pacolet River Heritage Trust Preserve to enjoy the local scenery.


Learn about the town’s history

Visit the town’s museum, which covers natural resources such as the Pacolet River and the Granite Quarries. It also includes the cultural heritage of the Cherokee, Catawba Indian presence, early settlers, the American Revolution, the textile industry, and the Pacolet historic district. Contact the town hall to get more information about the museum’s hours. To learn more about Pacolet’s historical landmarks, click the link below.


Join the festivities

Pacolet has multiple annual events that celebrate our favorite holidays. Join us every October for our River Festival. See the Pacolet Christmas lights every year from December first to Christmas.

Pacolet River Fest 2021