Garbage Collection

The Sanitation Department  works hard each day to ensure that all residences garbage is collected in a professional and timely manner. The The Sanitation Department generally collects garbage Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

If you need special accommodations to include back door pick up, please send your accommodation request along with a valid doctors note to the Town Administrator at or by mail to P.O. Box 700 Pacolet, SC 29372

Monday Garbage Route

Hart St., Houston St., We Care Rd., Cleveland St., Harvey St., Thao Dr., Whit Cir., Spring St., Glenn Springs Rd., Hillbrook Cir., Carroll Cir., Dogwood Dr., Deerwood Dr., Cedar Lanes Rd., Noble Dr., Sunset Dr., Westmoreland Dr., Keith Dr., Coleman Cir., S. Pine, Fernbrook Cir., Briarwood Dr., Church St., Crescent Dr., Homestead Dr., Ligon St., Broadview St., Hillandale Ln., Elizabeth St.

Wednesday Garbage Route

Sunny Acres Rd., Stoneybrook Rd., Granite St., Highland Dr., Norwood St., Limestone St., McDowell St., Bailey Ct., Broadview St., W. Main St., Holiday Ct., Knuckles St., Brown St., McGill St., R.S. Burns Dr.,

Tuesday Garbage Route

E. Main St., Dogwood Cir., Hardy St., Pinto Ct., Cart Ct., Wild Peach Ct., HWY 150, Bryant St., Royal Oak Dr., Oak St., Memorial Dr., Jerusalem St., Woodland Cir., Woodland Ct., Beech St., Gaston St., Little John Ct., Poplar St., Melodie Ln., Chestnut St., Turner St., Memorial Dr.

Thursday Garbage Route

Green St., Moore St., Cook St., Cleveland St., Marilyn Dr., Anderson Ave., Fuller St., Milliken St., Stone St., Brewster St., Cameron St., Goodlet St., Montgomery Ave., Walker St., Fleming Ave., Granite St.

Disclaimer: For use as reference only. Not drawn to scale.

Garbage Collection Regulations

We do not pick-up loose garbage.

We do not pick up leaves (bagged or unbagged).

Cardboard must be broken down to be picked up.

We do not pick up tires, hazardous waste, large metal objects, major appliances or furniture.

Garbage cans should not be left at road. They should be set out the night before pick-up and taken back to residence after collection.

Lids on garbage containers must be kept closed.