Public Works

Sanitation, Recycling and Limb Pick-Up

Public Works

The Public Works Department of the Town of Pacolet works hard each day to ensure the cleanliness and attractiveness of our community. The Town owns and operates two garbage collection trucks as well as a chipper vehicle to offer trash and limb pick-up services to the residents of the Town of Pacolet. The Public Works Department generally operates Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. For additional information about the services provided by Public Works or to request services please contact Town Hall at (864) 474-9504.

  • Sanitation
  • Recycling
  • Limb Pick-up


Garbage collection is done weekly (generally Monday thru Thursday). To find out which day of the week your residence will receive garbage service please call Town Hall. All trash cans must be placed out along with road before 7:00 AM in order to ensure that the trash will be collected on its scheduled pick-up day. Please remove trash cans from the roadside as soon as possible after collection.

  • Only household trash will be picked up. Items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, paints and yard waste will not be collected.
  • Garbage cans are required. Garbage must be placed inside plastic bags inside trash cans for collection. Loose trash will not be picked up.
  • Recycling will not be collected at residences.


Pacolet Recycling CenterRecycling is not collected at residences by the Town of Pacolet. For the convenience of our residents, the Town of Pacolet does contract with Reworks Recycling for the collection of recyclable materials. Blue recycling bins are provided in front of the white building, located at 141 Coleman Circle, at the corner of Sunset and Coleman Circle, next to the T.W. Edwards Center, for the collection of recyclable materials (excluding glass). Material does not need to be sorted but just placed inside one of the blue bins for weekly pick-up. Please DO NOT deposit garbage or glass materials inside these bins.

Limb Pick-Up

Public Works Chipper TruckPublic works will pick-up and chip limbs once a week whenever possible (generally on Fridays). Please call Town Hall and ask to be placed on the limb pick-up list to ensure a timely pick-up.

  • Limbs must be brought to the roadway edge with cut ends facing the roadway, spread out and not in tall piles. Do not place limbs in roadway or obstruct any sidewalks.
  • Limbs must be free of trash, wire, nails, etc.
  • Limbs cannot be brought in from outside the town limits for pick-up.
  • Limb service is provided for tree and shrub trimmings and not for clearing entire properties.
  • This service is not provided for residents who hire someone to cut limbs. Any contractor must dispose of their debris.
  • Bamboo will not be collected or chipped.
  • Chips are available to residents. Please call Town Hall to inquire about delivery.