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We enjoy serving you. We live in a great community and we appreciate each of you. If you have questions or concerns, please call the town hall at 474.9504.


180 Montgomery Avenue

P.O. Box 700

Pacolet, SC 29372




    Pacolet Town Council

    Pacolet Town Council acts as the legislative branch of the Town government, as well as its policy-making body. The council also looks to the Town’s goals, major projects and infrastructure improvements ranging from community growth to land use to finances and strategic planning.

    Town Council consists of 6 council members and the mayor. Individual council members serve four-year terms and are elected by residents of the districts in which they live and represent. The exception is the mayor, who is elected at-large (by all residents) to serve a four-year term. The Town Council appoints a Town Administrator to run the day to day operations of the Town.

    The mayor presides over Town Council meetings, represents the Town at ceremonial events, and signs documents on behalf of the Town Council. In addition, the Town Council elects one of its members to serve as mayor pro tempore for a two-year term. The mayor pro tempore acts as the mayor in the mayor’s absence.

    The Town Council holds its regular meetings at Town Hall on the first Thursday of every month. The meetings start at 7:00 pm.

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