learn, hike, or paddle to explore Pacolet

Local Attractions

Pacolet Amphitheater
Pacolet Christmas Lights
Pacolet Geocaching
Pacolet Indian Summer Festival
Pacolet Museums
Pacolet Nature Trail
Paddle the Pacolet Kayaking

Nearby Attractions

  • Explore the Local Parks!

    Pacolet is in the perfect location to explore many different outdoor parks. Click below to view all of the parks in south-east Spartanburg county and the activities they offer.
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  • Hike the Local Nature Trail

    Pacolet is full of beautiful plants, animals, and historic features. Hike the Pacolet River Heritage Trust Preserve to enjoy the local scenery!
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  • Learn About Local Culture and History

    Visit nearby museums and cultural centers to learn about local history and attractions. There are many local libraries, museums, and cultural centers. Visit the historical Pacolet Amphitheatre or go geocaching! Learn about our towns past at the Pacolet Museum or visit the Chapman Cultural Center to learn about cultural leadership.

  • Join Us in Celebrating Our Annual Festivals

    Pacolet has multiple annual events that celebrate our favorite holidays. Join us every October for our Indian Summer Festival. Love Christmas? See the Pacolet Christmas lights every year from December first to Christmas.