Town Administrator 

The Town Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and Council to manage the day-to-day operations of the Town. As the chief administrative officer for the Town, the Town Administrator is responsible for all functions of the Town and manages these functions through the respective departments of the Town.

• Direct, supervise and coordinate the administrative activities and operations.
• Prepare a proposed annual operating budget and capital program (in consultation with the Town Clerk, Council, and department heads) to Town Council for review and consideration.
• Monitor the financial condition of the Town and estimate present and future financial needs.
• Combine or consolidate job positions within departments as necessary or prudent, maximizing manpower utilization and efficiency.
• Investigate complaints concerning administrative matters and personnel performance with heads of departments.
• Provide Council with the information, guidance, and leadership in matters of policy determination.
• Actively investigate the opportunities available to the Town in relation to federal grants, state and county shared services and money and prepare the necessary papers, etc., upon approval of the Council.
• Attend all regular and called Council meetings, and all other meetings as he deems necessary in the function of Administrator, and keep Council informed of all changes in updated legislation, mandates and federal and state requirements.
• Monitors all Town operations for conformity to the Town ordinances, and Council policies and guidelines to ensure efficient operation.
• Resolves citizen complaints, disputes and problems of service delivery.
• Works with local media to communicate town policies and programs.
• Participates in appropriate local community organizations and activities.
• Promotes a positive image of the town government throughout the community


Allison’s background and education prepared her well for her career of service and leadership.

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Town Administrator

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