Street and Sanitation Services

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Street and Sanitation Services


The Pacolet Street and Sanitation Department serves 1,167 households.  Only households within the town limits are eligible for these services.

The following are guidelines which will allow us to serve you more efficiently.  


•    We are discontinuing the pickup of furniture, appliances, printers, computers, televisions and other miscellaneous items.  The Town is now being charged per ton for these items.  The reason for discontinuance of this service is due to possible injury to our employees and the economy.  When you purchase new items the supplier most likely will haul off your old items upon delivery of new items upon your request.
•    Recycling areas are also available.  The closest is located on Brown Road off Highway 176.
•    Garbage cans are required.  Garbage must be placed in plastic bags.  Loose garbage will not be picked up.
•    Syringes must be placed in a safe container and marked hazardous before disposal.  This is a health standard and a protection for our employees.


•    Limb service will continue on Fridays.  
•    Please call the town hall to receive this service.  A work order will be submitted in an effort to provide more efficient and fair service.
•    Limbs must be brought to the road with cut ends facing the roadway, spread out and not in piles.
•    Limbs must be free of trash, wire, nails and etc.     
•    Limbs cannot be brought in from outside the town limits for pickup.
•    Limb service is provided for tree and shrub trimmings.  Not for clearing of property.
•    This service is not provided when residents hire someone to cut limbs.  The person or persons hired are required to dispose of the debris.
•    Bamboo cannot be chipped.
•    Chips are available to residents.  Please call the town hall for delivery.
•    Leaves must be put in bags.  Bags cannot be larger than 35 gallons.
•    Bags must contain leaves only.  No trash, rocks, glass, paper, etc. should be included.  

We enjoy serving you.  We live in a great community and we appreciate each of you.  If you have questions or concerns, please call the town hall at 474.9504.

180 Montgomery Avenue, PO Box 700, Pacolet, SC 29372
(Phone) 864.474.9504    (Fax) 864.474.9442

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