Community Covenant

We, the people of Pacolet, hold the following to be true that we:

  • bear responsibility for the future of our community;
  • continue as stewards of natures' blessings entrusted to us in this place;
  • cherish and protect our community, its people and all our assets ensuring sustainability for generations to come.


Acknowledging these truths, we commit to one another and our community the following:

  • to preserve the character of our community
  • to care for one another, especially guiding our youth and caring for our aging population
  • to recognize, celebrate and accept diversity at all levels
  • to continue the Pacolet tradition of neighbor helping neighbor
  • to realize our connection to the river and its role in our lives
  • to preserve and celebrate our natural, physical and cultural history
  • to provide recreational and learning activities for our citizens
  • to plan and manage future growth as to benefit our community
  • to promise a life long commitment to our home, Pacolet


Committed to and signed October 4, 2004 - Reaffirmed Annually

Mayor and Town Council

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